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Fitbit Flex: Flexible and capable tracking

Built by the originator of the fitness tracker product category, the Fitbit Flex is lightweight, compact, water resistant, and taps into the company’s deep vault of data analysis tools. With the Flex, Mom can also record her daily steps, sleep, and even log the food she eats.

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Jawbone Up24: Step up to this stylish, powerful tracker

If your mom is hunting for a simple, yet elegant way to track her health stats, the Jawbone Up24 is the perfect solution. Not only is it comfortable to wear, the Up24 also communicates wirelessly with smartphones and uses an engaging, yet intuitive, mobile app to report activity and sleep performance.

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Misfit Shine: The pendant tracker

One of the few fitness trackers that’s fully waterproof, the Misfit Shine will satisfy moms who love to swim laps in the pool. The circular Shine also has a minimalist style all its own and can be worn either around the wrist or as a pendant.

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Samsung Gear Fit: A new twist on fitness tracking

If you think your mom would crave a fitness tracker that looks like it’s from the future, Samsung’s Gear Fit is what you seek. It flaunts a wildly curved and colorful OLED screen and a heart-rate monitor. Just make sure that Mom has a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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Nike Fuelband SE: Fuel to do it

For those whose moms are huge Nike fans and somehow haven’t yet taken the fitness tracking plunge, look no farther than the Fuelband SE. A follow-up to the company’s popular first Fuelband, this fresh gadget still boasts a fashionable LED screen, calculates Nike Fuel points based on your activity, but adds water resistance and sleep logging.

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Make it a Moto

Sure, we know that Motorola hasn’t actually started selling the Moto 360 just yet. Even so, with its striking circular face and premium good looks, it’s bound to be a smartwatch that will appeal to even Mom’s discerning tastes. And because the Moto 360 supports Google’s new Android Wear software, the gadget is likely to be quite the smartphone companion. Unfortunately, this one will have to be a raincheck: it won't be hitting stores until June.

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