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The loveliest one of all

Treat Mom to the most beautifully-designed and capable smartphone HTC has ever created, the One M8. With a smoothly curved chassis sculpted from aluminum, the M8 feels both luxurious and comfortable in the hand. Running Android KitKat with HTC’s latest software over it, the One M8 also happens to be extremely intuitive and enjoyable to use. Also on board is a camera that lets you refocus images after the fact, plus software for automatically making clever video and picture montages.

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More screen for less

Shown off at MWC 2014 in February, the G Pro 2 is LG's expansive "phablet" that's ultrapowerful to boot. If your mom can’t pass up a bargain and is into phones with large displays, this affordable device should be on her short list. Factor in its quad-core CPU, featured-packed camera, and huge 5.9-inch screen, and the G Pro 2 becomes even more of an attractive purchase.

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Go big-screen with this Windows phone

Demanding moms who prefer deep support for Windows and Microsoft Office apps will find a friend in the Nokia Lumia Icon. Running Windows Phone 8, the handset enjoys tight integration with Microsoft’s classic suite of software and productivity tools. The Icon also packs a sharp 20MP camera that performs well under low-light conditions.

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Pen and phone united

Choosy moms who are fond of making lists and jotting down notes will love Samsung's Galaxy Note 3. A fast performer with a beautiful, large screen, the Note 3 is also the best phone/tablet/pen combo we've seen yet.

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Everything but the kitchen sink

Outfitted with a remarkable level of advanced gear and high-tech gizmos, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will certainly entice moms who want to be prepared for any mobile situation. The phone’s large 5.1-inch OLED screen is gorgeous and colorful, its Android KitKat software and Samsung UI is cutting-edge and refreshed, while the 16MP main camera is swift and packed with loads of extras.

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Slim, trim, and waterproof

For moms who don't fear water, Sony's next-generation Xperia device is perfect.  Able to be dunked in the surf, sand, and rain without dropping a beat, the Z2 is also a slight improvement on its predecessor, the Z1. This phone has a larger 5.2-inch screen and a slightly faster 2.3GHz Qualcomm processor. It's running the freshest version of Android, 4.4.2, and has a camera that shoots 4K video.

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