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Toshiba Chromebook

Chromebooks, running Google's simple Chrome OS, are great for basic get-online-and-go computing, but most of them have tiny, hard-to-see screens. Toshiba's model is the first with a 13-inch screen, making it portable but productive.

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Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Hybrids are a hot topic, but how do you get started without too much confusion? The Yoga 2 Pro from Lenovo is a great 13-inch laptop that also folds back to form a tablet or kiosk mode, making it one of the easiest two-in-one systems to use.

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Apple MacBook Air (13-inch)

Apple's ever-popular MacBook Air is one of the most universally loved laptops of all time. Its big touch pad, simple-to-use OS X operating system, and sturdy construction make it a great all-around computer.

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Lenovo Flex 20

A traditional all-in-one desktop one hand, you can also grab the 20-inch Flex 20 screen on a whim and pop it into the kitchen, family room, or bedroom, because it's got both a touch screen and a handy built-in battery.

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Asus Transformer Book T100

The Asus T100 gives you a little bit of everything, at a very reasonable price. It's a 10-inch Windows 8 tablet, great for ebooks or Netflix on the go, plus it includes a keyboard base that turns it into a perfectly usable tiny laptop.

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