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Panasonic TC-PZT60 series

Samsung PNF8500 series

LG 55EM9700 (OLED)

Sony KDL-55W900A

Panasonic TC-PST60 series

Sony XBR-X900 series

Samsung UNF8000 series

Vizio M series

LG HECTO Laser TV projector

Samsung KN55F9500 OLED TV

After many years, can the mighty-yet-defunct Pioneer Kuro finally have a rival for picture quality? The Panasonic ZT60 finally promises to "outblack" the Kuro (Japanese for black) with a lot of the same technology but presumably five years of refinement. Look out for a review very soon!
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Based on demos behind closed doors at CES 2013, the Samsung F8500 looks very impressive with very deep blacks and vibrant colors. Could this be the television that finally takes out top honors for the Korean company?
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Uber-expensive and uber-chic, if there's one TV we're looking forward to reviewing it's the LG EM9700. This TV has been teased for the last 12 months and is finally getting a local release.
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The Sony W900 is one to watch (both literally and figuratively) in 2013 due in part to its new "Triluminos" lighting system that uses Quantum Dots(*) for reportedly better color response.

*Scott Bakula not included.

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The successor to our favorite TV of 2012, the ST50, this television has a lot to live up to. But if Panasonic is able to improve the TV even further then we could have another award winner on our hands.
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While we had an extended look at the 84-inch X900, there is more 4K to come from the company. Look out for 55-inch and 65-inch TVs in the near future. Are they a stupid idea? Watch this space.
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We didn't think much of last year's Samsung E8000, but if you're fortunate enough to live in the United States then the company says you'll be getting a special tweaked version of its followup: the F8000. The last time we spoke to Samsung, it told us that the U.S. version was planned to include a local dimming backlight, which should give a boost in picture quality.
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The Vizio M series will include some of the slimmest, feature rich televisions the company has ever offered. Included will be Vizio's first 80-inch TV and select sets will have local dimming and passive 3D.
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While Mitsubishi laser TVs went the way of the Tasmanian Tiger in December 2012, LG is hoping that consumers will go for a resurrected version of the technology in its new HECTO projector. Sounds noble, but at $10,000 you can buy four (!) of our current favorite projector: the Epson 5020UB
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The counter to LG's EM9700, the KN55F9500 promises excellent picture quality and a unique feature that lets you watch two different programs with sound.
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