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BlackBerry Playbook tablet

BlackBerry is already showing off early builds of its iPad competitor. Will it live up to the hype? We're not sure, but a lot of people are intrigued to see how it performs when it's finally finished and ready to ship early this year.

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Sandy Bridge computers

Intel's next-generation CPU has an integrated graphics chip that competes with Nvidia's and ATI's (AMD) entry-level graphics cards. Sandy Bridge laptops and desktops are due to ship shortly and should offer compelling performance enhancements for the money.

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Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS, which offers a glasses-free 3D gaming experience, is due to arrive March 27 in the U.S. for $249.99. How well it does may determine whether others jump into the 3D portable gaming space.

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Chrome OS products

Google has been seeding developers with rather spartan-looking Chrome OS laptops that include the Chrome OS SDK (software development kit), so they can begin developing apps for the new OS. Later this year, we should start to see actual Chrome OS laptops shipping.

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Passive 3D TVs

LG and Vizio are bringing out TVs this year that require only basic (cheap) 3D glasses for viewing. Such technology may help breathe new life into 3D TV, which got off to a slow start in 2010.

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HP WebOS (Palm) tablet and smartphones

We've been waiting to see what HP planned to do with its purchase of Palm and the WebOS. The company was quiet at CES, but recently, photos of an upcoming WebOS tablet leaked, so details should begin to emerge soon.

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Sony PlayStation Portable 2

Rumor has it that Sony may introduce its next-generation PSP early this year, though it also has a PSP Phone in the works that could arrive first.

In any case, word is that Sony will have a new PlayStation Portable ready to go in time for the holidays. It allegedly will offer a larger screen than the existing PSP models, as well as impressive graphics that rival those of the PS3.

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Touch-screen Kindle (Kindle 4)

Back in 2009, Amazon bought little company called Touchco, fueling rumors that it was developing a touch-screen Kindle.

We don't know what Amazon has up its sleeve for the Kindle in 2011, but in order to shrink its device, it will probably have to do away with the keyboard and move to a touch-screen interface.

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Android Honeycomb tablets

The Motorola Xoom is one of several tablets that run a new version of Android called Honeycomb that's been designed for tablets.

Will it slow down the iPad? Maybe. A little.

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Dual-core processor smartphones

Next-generation Android phones like the Motorola Atrix and the LG Optimus 2X will be powered by dual-core processors that bring speed enhancements to the next generation of smartphones.

Rumor has it that the next-generation iPhone will also have a dual-core processor.

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iPad 2

Apple released the iPad in April 2010 and it seems likely the company will release a new iPad in April of this year.

No one knows exactly what it will look like but it will most likely be a bit smaller (and possible thinner), have a built-in camera, a faster dual-core processor and more-powerful graphics chip.

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iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 rumors are running rampant, with some suggesting that Apple's next iPhone will simply be an upgrade to the existing iPhone 4(dual-core processor, better graphics chip and battery life, and possible 4G data capabilities), while others say the phone will get thinner and truly get a makeover.

If the past is any indication, we should know the answer in June--or earlier if an Apple employee leaves a prototype in a bar.

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