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We've already told you that FLO TV is coming to the UK at some point. Bandwidth has been purchased and deals are rolling forward, but when it does arrive, how will we get these mobile TV signals? Well, the answer is twofold at the moment. The first option is to get a stand-alone, HTC manufactured TV unit or you can go with Mophie's new option, an iPhone power pack with FLO TV reciver built in.

The pack, into which you slide your iPhone -- as with other Mophie products -- will grab the FLO TV signal from the air and chuck it up on your iPhone's screen. It's just as happy working with the iPod touch, if that's the way you roll. Mophie hasn't told anyone how much this thing is going to cost yet, but the expectation is it will be available this summer in the US. It's reasonable to assume we'll not see this version in the UK, as we're still a long way away from getting a FLO TV service.

Are you excited about mobile TV? We'd be quite keen to hear what you have to say. The US service doesn't seem to have a lot of enthusiastic support, so we're keen to find out if you'd use a service like this. Use the comments section below to tell us what you think.

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The Mophie power pack and FLO TV receiver are both built into this add-on, which isn't much bigger than a normal Mophie pack.
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A built-in battery indicator will tell you how close to running out of juice you are.
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Although the pack does add weight to the phone, if you really want to watch TV, it's a great idea that will prevent you from needing to invest in another box to lug about.
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As always, the Mophie pack doesn't prevent you using any of your iPhone's features. You get around 8 hours of video playback from this power pack.
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