Nine Lettuce

Microsoft has just announced the winners of its Australian "Dev vs. Dev" contest, crowning the champion of its first Australian Windows Phone 7 app challenge.

The winner of the comp and the recipient of a free trip to Microsoft's MIX11 developer event in Las Vegas went to The Toothbrush Island team for their game Nine Lettuce, a charming-looking word game where players are challenged to create as many words as possible from the nine letters presented on-screen. The game also includes a multiplayer mode where two players can play the same game board simultaneously.

Microsoft also named five runners up and six honourable mentions. Check out all of the finalists in the gallery below.

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Art Spot

At its core, Art Spot is a spot-the-difference-style game, but its use of stunning artwork elevates its appeal.

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AU Newswire

Pooling many of Australia's top online news sites into one place, AU Newswire is a one-stop location for catching up on the day's events.

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Cell is a game of duplication that relies on reflexes as much as it tests your ability as a strategist.

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An app that will be used by the winners of this contest, the mix11 app helps attendees of Microsoft's MIX11 conference map out their days.

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Pocket Files

A recent entry in our Friday App Wrap, Pocket Files connects users to their Dropbox accounts, allowing them to view and edit Office documents.

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Hungry Bub

Caring for a newborn can be a mind-boggling task, which Hungry Bub helps with by allowing new parents to track when their babies need them most.

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Pocket Money

If you're using Hungry Bub then chances are you'll need Pocket Money before long. Track how much you give your kids each week, breaking down how they earned every cent.

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Metro Match

A simple game, Metro Match is a classic matching title, made beautiful with Microsoft's Metro UI look and feel.

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AU FMradio

Though WP7 devices don't have built-in radio receivers, AU FMradio connects users to their favourite channels through online streaming services.

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Described as a "fun and safe" psychedelic experience, Hallucinogen is a visual illusion that will make the world pulsate and move.

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Using the built-in Bing Maps, avid cyclists can track their routes and progress.

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