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A return to flight

Redmond is breathing new life into two of its classic game franchises: Microsoft Flight Simulator and Age of Empires.

With Microsoft Flight, Microsoft hasn't said much about what to expect or when, posting only a brief teaser video to its Web site.

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The teaser video for Microsoft Flight doesn't tell much about how the program will work.

It starts with a young woman's voice saying "When I was a child, I dreamed I could fly." A plane then zooms through the screen and off into the horizon, before a link is shown to Microsoft's Web site.

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Age of Empires goes online

The trailer video for Age of Empires Online is more detailed, showing game play scenes and more.

Microsoft is now taking signups for a public beta expected to begin later this year.

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Though faithful to its heritage, Age of Empires Online adds revamped graphics along with the ability to engage in cooperative multiplayer quests.

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