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Microsoft's May 2 education event in photos

From a new Surface Laptop to mixed reality, Minecraft and Windows 10 S, it was a visually interesting show when Microsoft took the stage.

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The big man himself

CEO Satya Nadella launched the event. In the background, there was an illustrator working on a Microsoft Surface Studio drawing a background that was projected behind the speakers.

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Annotation in Edge

You can run any browser on Windows 10 S -- as long as you can download it from the app store -- but Microsoft claims Edge is optimized for education because you can annotate and share Web pages.

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Administrative setup

There's a wizard to create a Windows 10 S thumb drive; you stick it into a USB port and it automatically copies the relevant packages and begins setup. Microsoft claims that you can pull the stick out after 30 seconds and move on to the next system while the software does its job.

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The usual suspects will have hardware for Windows 10 S.

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Devices will start at as low as $190; Chromebooks tend to be more expensive.

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Minecraft Education Edition

The MEE is a Codebuilder extension for Minecraft.

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More Minecraft coding

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More Minecraft coding

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Coding a robot

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Mixed reality

The future of education is 3D interactions with the environment.

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Manipulating the Earth via Hololens

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Building a solar system

Paint 3D is intended for building models.

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Augmented Reality

They used AR to drop a model in for size comparison.

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Acer's headset

Acer is one of Microsoft's partners for mixed-reality hardware/software development. It's paired here with a gaming laptop; at the moment, most low-cost education systems aren't powerful enough for VR.

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More AR

I can see inside you.

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One of these things is not like the other

Paint 3D, mixed reality and headsets are all cool.

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Panos Panay, VP for Surface Computing

When it was time to talk hardware, he came out to wax poetic about how the new Surface Laptop offers "the perfect flow of energy" and more.

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Surface Laptop

The seamless fabric overlays on the keyboard section.

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A show of hands: who'd want a slightly thicker screen for a substantially lower price?

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If this is true, it would be great

Microsoft does its battery tests via local video playback; you'll get longer life with local playback than streaming, since the Wi-Fi in operation also stresses the battery.

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The inevitable comparisons

It really doesn't take much to claim this.

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This is cool: The speakers are under the keyboard.

26 of 28 Sarah Tew/CNET


To demonstrate its compatibility with the Microsoft Dial input device, he used it for navigating Spotify. The Dial doesn't work on the scree of the Surface Laptop, though.

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Unsurprising combination

28 of 28 Sarah Tew/CNET

Deja vu

They trotted out a demo that Apple used to demo the iPad Pro in September 2015, but this time to show how wunnerful the Dial is for manipulating stuff.

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