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Gisli Olafsson, a Microsoft worker

Gisli Olafsson, a full-time disaster management specialist for Microsoft and a member of Iceland's search and rescue team, was in Haiti just hours after the January 12 earthquake to coordinate efforts.
Photo by: ICESAR

Command tent

Rescue workers coordinate resources and efforts in a makeshift command center after the deadly quake struck Haiti on January 12.
Photo by: ICESAR

Search and rescue

The U.N.'s On-Site Operations Coordination Centre (OSOCC) assists local authorities with the coordination of international search and rescue teams.
Photo by: ICESAR

Hole in the foor

A rescue worker looks through a hole tunneled through the cement floor of a building that collapsed after Haiti's January 12 earthquake.
Photo by: ICESAR


All that remains standing of this Haitian shopping center is a sliver of an exterior wall advertising the products that were formerly sold there.
Photo by: ICESAR

Collapsed market

Rescue workers peer under a collapsed market in Haiti while feeding electrical rope to rescue workers under the rubble.
Photo by: ICESAR

Collapsed building

Pedestrians walk around the rubble of a mult-story building that collapsed into the streets in Port-au-Prince following the January 12 earthquake.
Photo by: ICESAR


Supplies to aid the rescue effort are stacked at the airport, awaiting transportation to affected areas. A U.S. Air Force C-130 in the distance prepares to depart after making a delivery.
Photo by: ICESAR

Staging area

Rescue workers gather at a staging area at the airport where they can rest and replenish before their next deployment.
Photo by: ICESAR
Rescue workers gather on a Port-au-Prince street for assignments instructions after the January 12 earthquake left thousands trapped under collapsed buildings.
Photo by: ICESAR


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