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Build a tower of Japanese cats of varying sizes, while using the iPhone's accelerometer to ensure they don't topple to their demise. Game concepts don't come much simpler, more cute or more addictive.

Mew Mew Tower (iTunes link) from B3 United is the latest cat-themed game to hit the iTunes App Store, and for £1.19 it might well be the best quid you'll spend in January. We've been playing it for the last 24 hours, gleefully cheering as the ever-growing tower of cats miaow in delight as another chubby puss is piled on to the apex.

Using your finger, it's simply a case of pulling a cat from a hot air balloon, strategically placing it atop your cat tower, then returning to the balloon for a fresh cat. Our record is currently a tower of cats about 7m high.

It's like Jenga, only with cats. The kitteh physics leave something to be desired, but as stacking 20 cats on top of each other is as good as impossible in real life, you'd have to be a buffoon to complain that Moggy McFat-Paws didn't plummet to his doom quite realistically enough. What are you, a sadist? Get off our Web site!

You can buy the game from the App Store now for £1.19, for the iPhone and iPod touch, and you really, really should -- even if just for the insanely awesome sound effects and hand-drawn kitties. Check out a few screen shots over the page, and let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

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As you drag and drop fresh cats from the hot-air balloon, you'll need to keep a steady hand. Piling too many cats on the left or right will cause your tower to fall, so make sure you ensure you distribute cats evenly.
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"Excuse me while I hiss at the sky," they sing. Actually, they don't. But they should.
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Oh noes! The Leaning Tower of Theresa is falling (Theresa is the name of one of our cats... not because nothing else cat-related rhymes with Pisa. Who told you that?)
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At the end of your tower-building adventure, you're given a summary of how you did. Total height is your main result, broken down by how many large, medium and small cats you stacked.
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Finally, you'll get a leaderboard of your greatest achievements. We want to see the option to add your name or at least initials in a future release.
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