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Belkin WeMo Dimmer Wi-Fi light switch

Belkin WeMo Mini

C by GE Lamp with Alexa

Carrier Cor 5C and 7C Smart Thermostats

Dish Hopper DVR

Element, Sieki and Westinghouse smart TVs

First Alert OneLink Environment Monitor

Incipio CommandKit Wi-Fi light switch

Incipio CommandKit Wi-Fi Wireless smart power strip

LG Hub Robot

Mattel Aristotle by Nabi

Lenovo Smart Assistant speaker

Whirlpool appliances

LG Smart InstaView refrigerator

Coming in 2017, the WeMo Dimmer is Belkin's second-gen smart light switch.

Caption by / Photo by Belkin

Belkin's WeMo Mini will fit in more places than the larger WeMo switches of a few years ago.

Caption by / Photo by Juan Garzón / CNET

The C by GE Lamp is a light source you can control via GE's smart lighting app or via Alexa.

Caption by / Photo by GE

Carrier's new smart thermostats work with both Alexa and Siri.

Caption by / Photo by Carrier

Use Amazon Alexa to control your Dish Network box.

Caption by / Photo by Dish Network

These televisions will come with the system and Alexa voice assistant built right in.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon/Element

First Alert's HomeKit and Alexa-compatible Environment Monitor lets you use your voice to check on temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide levels in your child's room.

Caption by / Photo by First Alert

This Wi-Fi light switch from Incipio dims when either Siri or Alexa commands it to do so.

Caption by / Photo by Incipio

Incipio brought some new smart gadgets to CES, including the new $100 "CommandKit" Wi-Fi power strip that you can control using both Siri and Alexa voice assistants.

Caption by / Photo by Incipio

LG Hub robot partially relies on Amazon's voice assistant Alexa for skills like playing music and alerting users of weather conditions.

Caption by / Photo by James Martin/CNET

This smart speaker has Alexa built in, as well as a separate, kid-friendly voice assistant called Aristotle.

Caption by / Photo by Mattel

Not only does the Lenovo Smart Assistant work as an Alexa clone, Lenovo says its audio quality is superior, too.

Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

Whirlpool pledged to link its collection of connected products to Amazon Alexa control.

Caption by / Photo by Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The Smart InstaView refrigerator from LG will leverage Alexa's brains to let you order groceries and start shopping or to-do lists with your voice.

Caption by / Photo by Chris Monroe/CNET
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