Also known as the P-series, this is a Netbook-like device (but Sony is loath to call it a Netbook) that's impressively small: about the size of a standard business envelope.
The P-series Lifestyle PC will retail for about $900, and options include solid state (up to 128GB) or standard hard drives and a variety of colors.
The wide-screen 8-inch 1,600x768 display and tiny keyboard allow the system to be about 1 inch thick, weighing 1.4 pounds.
The 3G mobile broadband antenna, 802.11n Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth are all pluses. Verizon is the mobile broadband provider.
We do wish it had a tiny touch pad instead of a pointing stick.
Like several other laptops we've seen recently, there's a pre-Windows instant-on operating system, which uses the familiar Sony cross-media bar menu found on the PlayStation 3 and handheld PSP consoles.


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