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Show Us Yours: Marvel fandom pictures from our readers

We love Marvel and so do our readers. Check out the photos that our readers sent in to show their Marvel fandom!

1 of 49 Tim M.

Welcome to our readers' Marvel fandom!

Take a look at the Marvel fandom photos our readers from CNET, GameSpot, TV Guide, TechRepublic and ZDNet have sent in for the Show Us Yours: Marvel fandom edition. To start, Tim M. sent in a photo of his collection of Marvel comics. 

"Avengers #1, Amazing Fantasy (Spider Man) #39, X-Men #1, Tales of Suspense (Iron Man) #39,  I OWNED ALL THESE AS A 10-year-old and foolishly sold them as a 15-year-old!" -- Tim M.

We are still taking submissions. So if you have a Marvel collection that you'd like to get featured here in this gallery, please submit it here.

2 of 49 Ike V.

Life size Iron Man statues -- Mark 42 and Mark 43

"My favourite Marvel collection is these two life size Iron Man statues - the Mark 42 and Mark 43. I had parts custom made and I assembled them myself and built in the lights for the eyes and the arc reactor. They are the prime display inside my man cave." -- Ike V.

3 of 49 Ike V.

I wish The Hulk was here!

"This is my Marvel display cabinet and book shelf. The captain America shield is metal and the hammer Mjolnir is also metal and quite heavy. I like the size of Ant Man and Wasp. They are about the same size as baby Groot.

My favourite Avenger is the Hulk but I don't have his statue as it is too big to fit inside my man cave." -- Ike V.  

4 of 49 Jenny N.

You can't do it alone!

"The best thing about Marvel, whether it's the movies or the comics, is that it teaches you cannot do it alone. Everything and everyone is dependent on each other, and power comes from a collective, not just one individual." -- Jenny N.

5 of 49 Jenny N.

Owning it! Cosplaying as Carol Danvers

"Cosplaying as Carol Danvers means so much to me, it's about owning yourself, your decision, and being fierce and goofy at the same time. Nothing is more authentic than Captain Marvel, and she means so much to me inside, and out." -- Jenny N.

6 of 49 Jenny N.

Passing on the power and strength

"The best part of showing off my Captain Marvel gear is when little girls think I'm the real Carol Danvers. Nothing is better than having a quick chat about how the power and strength is within each of them, topped off by a fist bump!" -- Jenny N.

7 of 49 Jenny N.

The fierce Valkyrie is in the house!

"Fierceness comes in all shapes, forms and colors. Valkyrie is an incredible warrior with an inner calling to do what's right. I love this cosplay because it represents imperfection that is dominated by determination... and a little bit of sass. Dragon fang sword was 3D-printed." -- Jenny N.

8 of 49 Matt F.

Iron Man parking ONLY!

"Here is my Iron Man garage floor." -- Matt F.

9 of 49 Matt F.

The garage where the Avengers assemble!

These garage walls are covered in a Marvel-ous collection of Avengers posters, artwork and action figures.

10 of 49 Jason L.

Funko Pop collection!

"This is just my pop vinyl collection. I also have all 50+ Marvel movies and a Marvel chess set plus multiple other Marvel items around my house." -- Jason L.

11 of 49 Sammy M.

Marvel action figure collection that keeps on growing... (1 of 4)

"Here's my Marvel action figure collection that started six years ago. I'm not good at captioning things. So I will let the pics do the talking." -- Sammy M.

12 of 49 Sammy M.

and growing... (2 of 4)

"Collection continues to grow" -- Sammy M.

13 of 49 Sammy M.

and growing... (3 of 4)

"More, more and more!" -- Sammy M.

14 of 49 Sammy M.

and growing! (4 of 4)

And more to come?

15 of 49 Alexi T.

All dressed up for opening night

"Captain Marvel, opening night!" -- Alexi T.

16 of 49 Alexi T.

Cap, striking a pose

17 of 49 Alexi T.

Captain Marvel is everywhere!

"Captain Marvel at the Maryland Ren Faire" -- Alexi T.

18 of 49 Mason Z.

"Marvel or DC?"

What would you pick?

19 of 49 Mason Z.

Will these heroes miss their gear?

"DIY cosplay" -- Mason Z.

20 of 49 Jerry T.


21 of 49 Jerry T.

Avengers Beanie Babies

"Beanie Baby Avengers, assemble!" -- Jerry T.

22 of 49 Jerry T.

Here come the heroes!

23 of 49 Jerry T.

Who's looking out?

"The Justice League and The Avengers watch over this Nerditorium." -- Jerry T.

24 of 49 Christopher C.

The Art of Marvel books are my obsession!

"The Art of Marvel books are an obsession. I open them very carefully to keep the plastic intact. I have them all, save the first Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Actually, I do own Iron Man 2, but it somehow must have gone *poof* after a certain recent finger-snap. I anticipate it being fully restored in just over a month." -- Christopher C.

25 of 49 Richard E.

When you go to sleep, this is what action figures do

"It's a Marvel-ous disco going on!" -- Richard E.

26 of 49

Gonna keep trying... (1 of 2)

Please get off my Playstations!

27 of 49 Alexander B.

And trying... Why Thor?! (2 of 2)

"Mjolnir finest moment" -- Alexander B.

28 of 49 Alexander B.

Any guesses as to who I like?

29 of 49 Gary M.

Here's Spidey! (1 of 2)

"With great power, comes great responsibility" -- Gary M.

30 of 49 Gary M.

Gary M. is the real Spiderman! (2 of 2)

"I'm feeling much better, Mr. Stark" -- Gary M.

31 of 49 Wess H.

Captain America's shield autographed

Cap's shield was signed by Stan Lee, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Haley Atwell and Frank Grillo.

32 of 49 Wess H.

Iron Man's mask!

33 of 49 Wess H.

Loki's staff!

Chaos aside, who wouldn't want this staff?

34 of 49 Wess H.

Thor's hammer autographed

Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, autographed by Stan Lee

35 of 49 Anthony F.

Marvel shrine (1 of 2)

Self-proclaimed "nerd cave" -- Anthony F. 

36 of 49 Anthony F.

Marvel shrine (2 of 2)

"Nerd cave" No. 2 -- Anthony F. 

37 of 49 Joseph C.

Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay. Wish Groot were real!

"My wife Peyton and I as Star-Lord and Gamora. We made an appearance at Silver Moon Comics in Salem, Mass., and they let us borrow Groot and Rocket." -- Joseph C. 

38 of 49 Joseph C.

Comics galore!

"A bunch of my comics. Most of the ones I collect are Marvel and I have around 3,000 of them." -- Joseph C. 

39 of 49 Jessie H. Jr.

Fandom collection (1 of 4)

"I'm a 65-y.o. child." -- Jessie H. Jr. 

40 of 49 Jessie H. Jr.

Fandom collection (2 of 4)

"I get more toys for Christmas than the kids." -- Jessie H. Jr. 

41 of 49 Jessie H. Jr.

Fandom collection (3 of 4)

"When it comes to my heroes I'm conflicted." -- Jessie H. Jr. 

42 of 49 Jessie H. Jr.

Should these be in a vault? (4 of 4)

"Plus my 14,000 comics which made my childhood special. I could choose a different hero every day ;)." -- Jessie H. Jr. 

43 of 49 Sam M.

Look who I'm with!

 "Marvel fandom doesn't get any bigger than this!" -- Sam M.

44 of 49 Timothy W.

My collection of action figs (1 of 3)

"Lots of favorites here: the Walgreens-exclusive FF, Sauron and Vulture Build-A-Figures, and somewhere in the back, a Diamond Select Juggernaut that weighs about 6 pounds." -- Timothy W.

45 of 49 Timothy W.

My collection of action figs (2 of 3)

"Highlights in this one: Hulkbuster and Gladiator Hulk BAF (and Diamond Select Planet Hulk in the back). The Walmart exclusive Black Panther in the front left was hard to find. Also Wolf-cap, the Captain Marvel PVC statue, and the tesseract stand out." -- Timothy W.

46 of 49 Timothy W.

My collection of action figs (3 of 3)

"Some of the first figures in my collection are here, a Sentinel from Hasbro, the Diamond Select Abomination in the back and the Diamond Select Venom. A couple of cool BAFs here too, Dormammu and movie Ant-Man. Also the classic Doc Ock and Mysterio were great finds." -- Timothy W.  

47 of 49 Gyrell T.

Smile for the camera!

"At my parents' wedding where they had a photo booth" -- Gyrell T.

48 of 49 Gyrell T.

Cap is in the house!

"Me at midnight showing of Captain America: The First Avenger" -- Gyrell T.

49 of 49 Gyrell T.

Look who I ran into at Comic-Con!

"Me at Boston Comic-Con in 2015, with comic book writer Scott Snyder." -- Gyrell T.

We are still taking submissions. So if you have a Marvel collection that you'd like to have featured in this gallery, please submit it here.   

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