Cayman Islands in iOS 5, iOS 6

The Cayman Islands in iOS 5 and iOS 6.
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Troubled bridge over water

The Williamsburg Bridge in New York is looking a little shakey.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

Manhattan Bridge

New York's Manhattan Bridge in Apple Maps on iOS 6.
Photo by: Screenshot/CNET

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, as seen from Apple Maps in iOS 6, left, Bing, center, and Google Maps, right.
Photo by: CNET

The Hoover Dam

The road to the Hoover Dam on the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, between Nevada and Arizona seems to take a sudden drop.
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Lincoln Digital Arts Center

Headed to the Lincoln Digital Arts Center in San Francisco? It doesn't exist. This is the location of the Letterman Digital Arts Center.
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Streets in the water?

In Punta Arenas, Chile, not only are highways duplicated, but they are even build out over the water.
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It's in the detail

A side by side of the Cayman Islands, showing the difference in detail between Google Maps and Apple Maps in iOS 6.
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Toronto Airport

Your landing at the Toronto Airport is going to be a bit bumpy.
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Terengganu Airport, Malaysia

The Terengganu Airport, Malaysia in black and white.
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Hong Kong

iOS 6 is lacking some detailed labels, but at least you can find the Apple Store in Hong Kong.
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Apple Store, London

The Apple Store in London is not where it used to be.
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Barbados in low-res

The beautiful beaches of Barbados, seen in incredibly low-resolution on iOS 6 Maps.
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Penn State University

The once detailed Google Maps version of Penn State University, which showed the names of individual buildings has been replaced with the iOS 6 map which shows only campus street names.
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Lower Saxony Germany

Lower Saxony Germany appears in blurry, black and white and washed out greens and greys.
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