Hive B guitar

Olaf Diegel, a design engineer and professor of mechatronics at Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand, 3D prints gorgeously intricate electric guitars. Here's his $3,500 Hive B Les Paul-inspired bass guitar. Look closely, and you can see bees inside.
Photo by: ODD Guitars

Inside the Hive B

A closer look at the bees inside the Hive B 3D-printed guitar. Four of Olaf Diegel's 3D-printed guitars will be played together live onstage at the EuroMold design fair in Frankfurt, Germany on December 3-6.
Photo by: ODD Guitars

Buzz-worthy bass

Another view of the Hive B bass guitar's body. You could say the instrument is worthy of buzz.
Photo by: ODD Guitars

Steampunk style

Olaf Diegel's company, ODD Designs, uses Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printing to craft the bodies of custom guitars, then adds a mahogany or maple wood core, a wooden neck, tuning pegs, a bridge, pickups, and controls for a fully playable instrument. The entire body of the Steampunk guitar, including all the moving parts, is printed as a single component, with no further assembly required.
Photo by: ODD Guitar

Multicolored music

The Steampunk, which has moving gears and a piston, is a tribute to one of Olaf Diegel's all-time favorite guitars, the Telecaster. New Zealand airbrush artist Ron van Dam took care of the paint job.
Photo by: ODD Guitars

Lucky keyboard

The Ladybug keyboard will be part of the 3D-printed band performing in Germany next month. It consists of a Yamaha P35 keyboard inside a 3D-printed chassis.
Photo by: ODD Guitars

Drums with flair

For the Atom drum kit, Olaf Diegel replaced the shells of a Sonor Smart Force kit with 3D-printed ones. The "3D-printed Band" (band name subject to change) will play these drums and other 3D-printed instruments at the EuroMold design fair in Frankfurt, Germany next month.
Photo by: ODD Guitars

Sounds of spook

The Spider LP 3D-printed guitar from ODD Guitars features a spiderweb motif and spiders on the inside. Introductory price: $3,500, including hard case but excluding shipping.
Photo by: ODD Guitars

Hidden inside

Little spiders live inside the Spider LP 3D-printed guitar from ODD Guitars, but apparently they don't affect the sound.
Photo by: ODD Guitars


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