The MakerBot Replicator

MakerBot announced the Replicator at the show. New capabilities include the ability to print objects with two different colors, as well as a larger print area than previous MakerBot printers.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Castle tower

This castle stands about 3 feet high, and has all kinds of 3D printed scenery objects.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Seussian trees

You can see the printed layer lines on these trees. MakerBot has said that you can drill and polish its objects.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Standing guard

This knight is about the same size as a Playmobil figure.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Yoda Gold!

A MakerBot representative told me that LucasArts had not yet been by with an IP complaint about the plans for this model, which live on MakerBot's Thingiverse Web site. MakerBot adheres to an IP policy similar to that of YouTube. It'll remove a plan once a license holder complains. Apparently it's happened at least a few times already.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Rocket model

This rocket was one of the more-impressive-looking scenes. The scaffolding, also 3D printed, helps support the thin plastic outer shell.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

At home, in space

The astronaut, the reels on the machinery, and the books in the book case were all printed on MakerBot 3D printers.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

An assortment of 3D printed objects

From giant chessmen to gold Yoda.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET


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