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Beware of Cthurkey

Teeny tiny turkey is adorable

Gummy turkey for the sweet tooth

Cook a turkey with a flashlight?

Bacon makes it better!

Turducken is three birds in one!

Make a monsterous cockenthrice

Thanksgiving in space

Yummy space turkey

Turkey cake?

Don't serve up your usual turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Instead, get creative with these unusual creations. They're perfectly crafted to horrify, inspire and amaze your guests.

Rusty Eulberg created this edible Elder God that pays tribute to H.P. Lovecraft's tentacled creature from "The Call of Cthulhu." Cthurkey was created from bacon, crab, octopus, and turkey.

Caption by / Photo by Photo by Rusty Eulberg

When your dinner guest -- in this case a hamster -- wants a smaller morsel, try making this miniature turkey. The video from Denizen also shows a hamster and his furry friends eating mini pies too.

Caption by / Photo by Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

If you'd like to stay meat-free this holiday, try this 20-pound (9-kilogram) Gummy Turkey. But watch out, dieters -- it happens to be a whopping 25,625 calories.

Caption by / Photo by Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Why bother roasting a turkey the old-fashioned way when you can cook a turkey with high-powered flashlights (4,100 lumens each)? If you place the flashlights in a circle around a turkey, it will appear golden brown after several hours with a perfect internal temperature of 177 Fahrenheit.

Caption by / Photo by Photo by Kate Ter Haar

Turkeys taste fine as they are, but somehow when you add a quilt of bacon on top, it's even yummier. "I send my turkey to a bacon spa," The Runaway Spoon wrote. "It gets a salt scrub, a bacon butter deep tissue massage, a hand-woven bacon spa robe, some time in the sauna and a little tanning to finish it off."

Caption by / Photo by Photo by The Runaway Spoon

For those of you who can't decide which bird to eat for the holiday, the Turducken is perfect. Made from turkey, duck and chicken, this three-bird roast will impress your guests. Replace the turkey with goose and you've got a Gooducken.

Caption by / Photo by Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

If you were around in Tudor times, a cook would delight dinner guests with a cockenthrice -- a fictional animal made from multiple parts of other animals including turkey, chicken and pig, to name a few. In the British TV series, "Heston's Feasts," the celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal created a cockenthrice from a pig and chicken.

Caption by / Photo by Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Before you regret any Thanksgiving or Christmas meal mishaps, just be grateful that you aren't stuck out in space eating this array of dehydrated vittles. The smoked turkey is irradiated, the yams are thermostabilized, and the green beans are freeze dried.

Caption by / Photo by Photo by NASA

In a special Thanksgiving message from the ISS, astronaut Mike Hopkins shows how to make and eat a not-so-traditional Thanksgiving meal.

Caption by / Photo by Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Cakes don't always have to be sweet. This savory turkey cake is the perfect solution for any leftover turkey that will inevitably lurk in your refrigerator long after the holidays are over. Don't forget the marshmallows on top.

Caption by / Photo by Photo by Amy Wisniewski
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