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Logitech Harmony Link

Turning your iPad or iPhone into a universal remote control isn't a new idea, but we had high hopes that Logitech could do it right, given the company's excellent line of Harmony remotes. The Logitech Harmony Link ($100) goes one step further with its iPad app, by integrating the full listings of your local TV providers and letting you browse shows with a slick interface, rather than the clunky grid your cable company offers up.

While the Harmony Link gets a lot right (such as including Harmony's activity-based buttons like "Watch TV"), its limitations hold you back from what you really want to do: browse and set recordings from your iPad rather than your DVR's interface. There are also inherent problems with using a touch interface instead of physical buttons, and you'll find yourself constantly looking at the screen to do even simple tasks like adjusting the volume. Until the Logitech Harmony Link can integrate more deeply with DVRs like the apps available from cable companies themselves, buyers are better off sticking with the traditional line of Harmony remotes for their "one remote to control them all" solution.

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Side view

There's not much to the Harmony Link. It's a sleek puck-shaped device with a glossy black finish.

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Ports on the back

There are just a few ports on the back: USB, power, and two IR blaster ports.

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Included cables

In addition to the main unit, the box holds an AC adapter, USB cable, and IR blaster. We thought the USB cable and corresponding port might have been an option for powering the device, but in fact they're only used for setup.

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Can it replace your cable box's EPG?

Unfortunately the Harmony Link's iPad app can't directly schedule recordings, and the search only works for shows airing within 24 hours. With these limitations, you're better off using a standard remote anyway.

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