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Safe House

Milan Design Week 2011 will feature a concept home created with all the creepily sterile-looking furniture and other accoutrements you'd expect to find in the abode of a Grid denizen... er, program.

This is a digital rendering of the main chillin' section in the "Safe House." Disney and DuPont are sponsoring the exhibition; all parts of the Tron home will be made with DuPont's Corian--a solid-surface material normally used in countertops--because hey, who ever heard an isomorphic algorithm complain about comfort?

Updated:Caption:Photo:Rendering by DuPont Corian
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Home theater area

So what if the digital entertainment system in the Safe House looks like an awkward vending machine? What's important is that there's only one armchair, meaning you and Quorra will have to snuggle up close to watch the day's Light Jet match.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Design by Dror Benshetrit, Giulio Cappellini/rendering by Lago
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After a long day and a not-so-nice meeting with an algorithmic representation of your dad who also looks an awful lot like "the Dude," a little bonsai action in the bedroom sure helps you forget you're trapped in a computer.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Design and rendering by Ilaria Marelli
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Kitchen/dining area

The kitchen and dining area put Disney World's Tomorrowland cafes to shame. Hollywood division, please forward to the Orlando office.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Design and rendering by AquiliAlberg
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Kitchen work area

NOT having this bar probably helped ensure I graduated from college.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Design and rendering by AquiliAlberg
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The bathroom and wellness center, featuring the first digital Jacuzzi outside Second Life. (GFCI outlets not included but highly recommended.)

Updated:Caption:Photo:Design and rendering by Marco Piva
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Living room

The living room of the Safe House, featuring the most confusing furniture this side of your local IKEA.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Design by Shai Akram, Jordi Canudas, Andrew Haythornthwaite/rendering by Lago
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Flynn's Arcade area

"Flynn's Arcade" area. The place to hone your skills at Space Paranoids, Matrix Blaster, Vice Squad, and Lightcycles. Since rendered obsolete following the release of Microsoft's Kinect.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Design by Gwenael Nicolas, rendering by DuPont Corian
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