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The LG Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones, announced at CES 2014, are the first fitness wearables made by LG. The Lifeband Touch is a wraparound black fitness band with its own touch OLED display, designed to work on Android and iOS. Read our hands-on impressions here.
The band comes in several sizes, and is water-resistant but not waterproof.
The Lifeband Touch pairs with heart rate monitors to get additional health data.
The Heart Rate Earphones and Lifeband Touch are made to work together.
The Lifeband Touch can do some limited two-way communication with a phone. Here, it's controlling volume.
Tracking heart rate via the LG fitness app.
Checking on heart rate.
Daily fitness goals can be tracked by glowing colors on the Lifeband's circular button.
Starting a timed activity via the app.
The Heart Rate Earphones have sensors in the earbuds that collect heart rate data and send it over Bluetooth to the Lifeband Touch.
They feel good, and are meant to double as high-quality Bluetooth earphones.
The earphones loop around the ear, and have an extra clip-on module with a remote.
A look at the whole package.
The remote, up-close.
You can track heart rate even without the Lifeband Touch.


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