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LG GD910 Watch Phone

It was the big story of CES 2009, but only now has LG put the finishing touches to its first watch phone and put it on sale, if you know where to look. You can only buy the LG GD910 through one Orange shop in the UK -- in Bond Street, London -- at the moment, on pay as you go tariff £500, although there will be a limited number available online later this month.
Photo by: CNET UK

Video phone

A video call in action.
Photo by: CNET UK

SIM card

To change the SIM, you need to unscrew the rear cover using the key provided.
Photo by: CNET UK

Clock display

One of the many analogue and digital clocks you can choose from -- this is a watch, don't forget.
Photo by: CNET UK


The ever-so-slightly befuddling calendar.
Photo by: CNET UK

World clock

Another clock, with world time!
Photo by: CNET UK

Music player

The music player can cope with MP3 and AAC files.
Photo by: CNET UK


T9 predictive text is a fast and reliable way of entering text into memos, text messages and so on.
Photo by: CNET UK

LG HBM-900

An LG Bluetooth headset is provided in the box, although the microphone arm is rather long for our taste.
Photo by: CNET UK

Size and weight

The LG Watch Phone is 14mm thick and weighs 130g.
Photo by: CNET UK

Charging cradle

Here is the LG Watch Phone in its charging cradle, which connects to the mains via a USB cable or charger.
Photo by: CNET UK

Charging cable

A breakout lead is provided so you can charge the Bluetooth headset at the same time as the watch.
Photo by: CNET UK


Everything tucked up tight in its box.
Photo by: CNET UK


Meet the drop-resistant Moto Z2 Force

The Moto Z2 Force is really thin, with a fast processor and great battery life. It can survive drops without shattering.

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