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Holy active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes, Batman — we just saw LG's 15-inch Object AMOLED TV in the flesh, and we must say we were impressed.

The Object has a screen depth of just 3mm (0.1 inch), and so it looks almost two-dimensional. It also weighs just 320g. Pictures on the 720p screen were stunning, with vivid, lifelike colours unlike anything you'll see in even the greatest LCD or plasma television today. This is typical of the extortionately expensive AMOLED technology that's bottlenecking screen sizes in the mid-teens of inches.

Admittedly, it's larger than Sony's 11-inch XEL-1, which we first eye-balled back at the start of 2008, but it's still a midget by today's television standards. For this reason, combined with its expectedly high cost, it'll be a product confined to the marble-topped kitchens and bathrooms of the enormously wealthy gadget connoisseurs of the world.

But it's one of the largest production models we've yet seen, which is a sure sign that the technology is progressing: albeit slowly. Check out these photos to really get a feel for how insanely thin this thing is. Meanwhile, we'll wait for Australian pricing and release date details to be announced.

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At 3mm deep, it's like wearing nothing at all!

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Check out the excellent viewing angles AMOLED screens can deliver.

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