Curved OLED TV

Get a virtual booth tour as we show you around LG's stand at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In case it wasn't clear from the amazing amount of news coming out of Las Vegas, Nevada, CES is big business for tech companies. A lot of money goes into the booths, with everyone working to impress the CES attendees. We're going to take you on a few photo gallery tours of the booths at CES, starting first with LG.

OLED is the word at this year's CES, with bright, thin panels nearly everywhere you look. Both LG and Samsung are claiming the world's first curved OLED at CES — the curvature replicates that of a cinema screen, and apparently makes the viewing experience more immersive. Don't hold your breath though — LG thinks it unlikely that these will be in shops before the end of the year.

Photo by: Nic Healey/CNET Australia

Laser TV

The black box is actually a short throw projector — it's beaming the TV image you see above onto a grey theatre screen. But it's more than a projector — it has a TV tuner and Smart TV capabilities as well. The projector uses DLP with a laser light source.

Photo by: Nic Healey/CNET Australia

Smaller-sized Ultra HD TV

As promised, Ultra HD TVs are shrinking down to a more sensible size — these are the 55- and 65-inch models. No call on if these will make it to Australia.

Photo by: Nic Healey/CNET Australia

Ultra HD Touch

That's not to say big 4K TVs aren't still popular — here's an 84-inch model that incorporates multi-touch.

Photo by: Nic Healey/CNET Australia

21:9 computer monitor

LG's version of the widescreen monitor is a 29-inch IPS panel, but interestingly, it can also accommodate different sources, making it great for sharing across multiple PCs.

Photo by: Nic Healey/CNET Australia

LG Ultra-Tab

The Windows 8 based Ultra-Tab is part of the ultrabook and tablet range that hasn't been seen in Australia — yet. LG assured us that it is in talks with an Australian retailer, with hopes to bring the range out locally.

Photo by: Nic Healey/CNET Australia

LG Styler

This slightly odd wardrobe-looking device can sterilise, dry and remove odour and wrinkles from clothing while they hang. There's probably even a virtual Narnia if you search hard enough.

Photo by: Nic Healey/CNET Australia

Fitness monitor

The wearable fitness monitor syncs with your smartphone to help your workout actually accomplish something.

Photo by: Nic Healey/CNET Australia

Dual-view gaming

While it's not new, we thought LG's demo of its dual-view gaming — where each player gets their own full-screen image — was a pretty cool way of showing how it works.

Nic Healey attended CES 2013 as a guest of LG.

Photo by: Nic Healey/CNET Australia


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