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We've just got our hands on some hot shots of the Lenovo Pocket Yoga prototype netbook, courtesy of our buddies at As you'll see, its lady-purse form factor means it looks rather like the Sony Vaio P series Lifestyle PC, which we reviewed here, and filmed a video of here.

If anything, the Pocket Yoga is more stylish than the Sony. We're totally digging the brown leather cladding around the exterior, the black leather strap that doubles as a wireless travel mouse and the (seemingly) edge-to-edge display, which looks even wider than the screen on the Sony Lifestyle PC.

Specs haven't been confirmed as yet, but we're told the Pocket Yoga will have a detachable, potentially backlit, keyboard. It looks far more difficult to use than the isolated keyboard on the Sony, but it is capable of doing a 360-degree backflip for use in tablet mode -- hence the name 'Yoga'.

Whether it will see the light of day probably depends on how well the market responds to the Sony P series, and whether Lenovo believes it can replicate that success with a less prestidious brand name. We'll keep our eyes peeled and update with you with more info as we get it. In the meantime, check out the pictures in our photo gallery.

The back is clad in a stylish brown leather. That black leather belt is detachable and doubles as a wireless mouse.
It'll fit in your pocket, but it might poke out a little if you aren't wearing clown pants, or if you're not a rapper.
The screen flips over 360 degrees to operate in tablet mode. The digitiser allows handwriting text input.
The aforementioned black belt doubles as a stylish wireless mouse.
The keyboard looks rather squashed, but it would appear it's backlit, which is always a bonus.
Design sketches, yesterday.


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