Springfield, Springfield

Because too much Simpsons memorabilia is never enough, lifetime Lego builder, Simpsons aficionado and Futurama fanboy Matt De Lanoy created his very own miniature version of Springfield, rebuilding the town block by block in perfect detail.

After rediscovering his childhood love of Lego in college with the release of the first Star Wars line, De Lanoy said he became "re-hooked" and when a dedicated Simpsons-themed line came out, he says, "I knew I had to build Springfield".

Photo by: Matt De Lanoy


According to De Lanoy, the mini-Springfield took roughly two months to build, with each building taking two or three days. He took particular care with the details and went out of his way to get perfect colour matches for every recognisable Springfield landmark, with the toughest building to create being Springfield Elementary (shown at the right of this image). Why?

"The colours I wanted to use (referred to as 'Medium Dark Flesh' and 'Medium Lavender' among Lego fans, please don't ask why) aren't available in as wide a variety of piece shapes as I'd like," said De Lanoy.

Photo by: Matt De Lanoy

In the workshop...

The Flanders and Simpsons households under construction (with thousands of bricks in the background).

As an adult hobbyist, De Lanoy says Lego is "a great medium to work in", and it's "great fun while also being secretly educational" for kids.

Photo by: Matt De Lanoy

Evergreen Terrace

Evergreen Terrace features prominently in De Lanoy's build, from Marge on the front porch to the cars out on the street.

Photo by: Matt De Lanoy

Avengers, Assembled

The Avengers hit up Krusty Burger for a bite to eat -- according to De Lanoy, Shawarma was closed.

Photo by: Matt De Lanoy

Shh! You want to get sued?

What recreation of Springfield would be complete without a Lego store? Or at least its non-copyright equivalent...

Photo by: Matt De Lanoy

The Springfield Tire Fire

Potentially our favourite part of the model Springfield, the Tire Fire is arguably the simplest of the lot, but you've got to love those realistic flames.

Who keeps the metric system down?

From our memory, the Stonecutters didn't build their headquarters right next to the Elementary School, but then Springfield is never totally the same from episode to episode anyway...


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