LAS VEGAS--At the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today, Lego formally unveiled the third generation of its best-selling programmable robotics platform. Known as Mindstorms EV3, the new product will be more powerful than ever, featuring autodetection of sensors and motors, and the ability to program directly on intelligent bricks.

This is Gripp3r, one of 17 robots that the $350 product will include instructions for at launch this summer.

Photo by: Lego

Intelligent brick

Mindstorms EV3 is built around intelligent programmable bricks like this one. Up to four of the bricks can be daisy-chained together, and while most programming will be done on a computer, the bricks allow for simple development without a computer.
Photo by: Lego


This is GyroBoy, a Mindstorms EV3 robot that could be part of any teacher's robotics curriculum.
Photo by: Lego

Color sorter

The Mindstorms EV3 platform includes sensors that can detect several colors, or the absence of color.
Photo by: Lego


This is R3ptar, another of the 17 robots that users will get instructions for out of the box.
Photo by: Lego


Spik3r, a spiderlike robot, has the ability to fire small balls with deadly accuracy.
Photo by: Lego


Although Lego will provide buyers with instructions for 17 different robots, it hopes that the user community will share thousands of other unique designs.
Photo by: Lego


Students learning to program with Mindstorms EV3 might choose to build a robotic dog, like this one.
Photo by: Lego


Mindstorms EV3 robots can be programmed to navigate an obstacle course, or to attack any object it detects is in front of it.
Photo by: Lego


Two children work on programming a Mindstorms robot.
Photo by: Lego


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