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Sandcrawler front

This May, Lego will continue its successful partnership with "Star Wars" when it releases a brand-new Sandcrawler set.

Photo by: Lego

Ramp comes down

The Sandcrawler's ramp comes down, just like in the movie.

Photo by: Lego

Box front

The front of the Sandcrawler box.

Photo by: Lego

Another look at the box

Another look at the Lego Sandcrawlers "Star Wars" set.

Photo by: Lego


The set features a crane, ideal for lifting equipment and even droids.

Photo by: Lego

Top down

A look down on the top of the Sandcrawler set.

Photo by: Lego

Sandcrawler and minifigures

The Sandcrawler set comes with a number of minifigures, including Jawas, R2-D2, C-3PO, Luke Skywalker, and more.

Photo by: Lego

Everything open

A look at the Sandcrawler set with everything open.

Photo by: Lego


Of course, no "Star Wars" Lego set would be complete without R2-D2.

Photo by: Lego


The set comes with four Jawas minifigures.

Photo by: Lego


It also comes with C-3PO.

Photo by: Lego

Uncle Owen

In "Star Wars," we first meet Luke Skywalker and Uncle Owen when the Sandcrawler comes calling.

Photo by: Lego

Luke Skywalker

Though he didn't have a lightsaber yet, we first meet Luke Skywalker when the Jawas come to sell his family droids.

Photo by: Lego

Luke and C-3PO

At first, Luke and C-3PO don't get along.

Photo by: Lego

Uncle Owen and Jawa

A look at the Uncle Owen and Jawa minifigures.

Photo by: Lego

Jawa close-up

A close-up look at one of the Jawas minifigures.

Photo by: Lego

More droids

The set features a number of droids beyond R2-D2.

Photo by: Lego

Green droid

Another droid from the Lego Sandcrawler set.

Photo by: Lego

Speeder bike

This is Luke's speeder bike.

Photo by: Lego


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