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Design guru Philippe Starck has fulfilled what was no doubt a lifelong ambition by adding the hard drive to his portfolio. LaCie makes a mobile version or a higher-capacity desktop version of Starck storage.

Each of the two drives is wrapped in a 2mm aluminium shell. Inside this oddly textured metal skin is a fluidly curved chrome housing.

See the man himself revealing the conceptual gubbins behind the design. The LaCie Starck hard drive represents the philosophy of the product: your data is being stored and protected, and the dead 'ard exterior is a physical manifestation of that.

LaCie Mobile

The playfully-rounded mobile version comes in 320GB and 500GB versions, costing £85 and £110 respectively. It features a USB connection neatly hidden in the back of the housing.

Our photos show the desktop model, available in 1TB or 2TB flavours. It's a brick of a thing, with a kind of industrial purposefulness that borders on malevolent. We sit up straighter when it's on. Sometimes we think it's watching us. Watching; and waiting...

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The status LED light beams out Monsieur Starck's signature orange plus sign.

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The front of the drive is touch-sensitive, and can be programmed to launch an application, such as Firefox or Word. This does mean installing LaCie Destkop Manager software and keeping it running, however.

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The 1TB model costs around £100, and the 2TB version £185.

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