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One of our favourite earphones of all time are the Klipsch Image X5s. We gave them a CNET UK Editors' Choice award. We even gave a pair away in a competition. But for some people, £129 for earphones is just a little too steep. Enter the Klipsch Image S4.

These new sound-isolating earphones will be landing in the UK at the start of June. Prices aren't confirmed for this country, but as they're just $80 (£55) in the US, we expect they'll be significantly more affordable thant the high-end X5s or flagship X10s.

Klipsch earphones have continually impressed us, and we've seen and reviewed them all: the Custom-1s, Custom-2s, Custom-3s, Image X10s and Image X5s. So we feel fairly confident in predicting the new S4s, while a relatively entry-level earphone, should impress for the price.

Typically, the Klipsch sound has been best suited to general rock, acoustic and vocal music. If this is your style and you're looking to spend £50 to £80 on a pair of earphones over the next couple of months, you might want to hang on to your cash until we've had a chance to hear the new Klipsches. You'll certainly want to click through for another picture.

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