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So, you reviewed Amazon's Kindle, bought a bunch of books, but then had to send the damn thing back. No wait, that was us. Good job then that Amazon has released its Kindle iPhone and iPod touch app in the UK... finally!

This morning, all of our purchased books were available to read in their entirety on our iPhone. And what's more, because Amazon's Whispersync system remotely bookmarks which page you had read up to on the Kindle, the iPhone knew too.

The app is a free download for anyone. Although it doesn't allow you to buy ebooks from the Kindle story natively, you can browse and buy using the Web interface on the phone and anything you buy will be available within the app itself. Amazon should really integrate the Safari browser component into the application itself (many apps do this) to let you read, browse and buy without having to leave the Kindle interface.

For anyone wondering, "Can I just use the iPhone as an ebook reader for the Kindle Store?", the answer is yes, yes you can. You won't get the large e-ink screen though, so you could end up with some bonus eyestrain. But we'll leave that little ball-related dilemma in your capable hands.

To get the app, hit up this link to the iTunes Store on your computer, iPhone or iPod touch. Check out a second photo over the page to get a closer look at the reading screen.

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As you read, you can bring up a bunch of reading options which include the ability to change font size, scrub through pages and add bookmarks. You can also change font colour -- two things you can't even do on the Kindle itself.

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