Alongside its Sony Xperia Ion and Xperia S Android smartphones, Sony also used CES to show its new Xperia Watch. Don't expect Rolex-style design, as this watch is all business. Sure, the pink band adds some color, but the minimalist design largely reflects the Xperia smartphone line.

Through a Bluetooth connection the watch will allow wristside access to a variety of features, including text messaging, e-mail, social media, music, and weather info. And if you have a Bluetooth headset you can access your phone book on the watch and make a call.

In a second menu you'll see options for creating a new calendar event, playing music, and finding your phone if it's lost.
Only four menu options show at one time, but the display was spacious enough.
The watch supports both Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Messages, e-mails, and tweets will show the contact's photo if one is available.
You can check weather for various cities, as well.
And, yes, you can even use the watch to keep track of time.
The watch also comes with a blue band.


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