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Working Ivee Sleek prototype

The Ivee Sleek wants to be friends with all sorts of home automation devices. Connect it with your Nest thermostat and you can control your home environment by asking for a particular temperature or simply requesting that it be warmer or cooler.
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Ivee Sleek guts

This is a peek at the lovely innards of the Ivee Sleek. The Ivee team had to throw together a system from the guts of a prototype to demonstrate it in the Wi-Fi-unfriendly environs of the CES 2013 show floor in Las Vegas.
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Ivee ingenuity at CES

Though the Ivee Sleek works over Wi-Fi, the Ivee team had to build a system on the fly to work over Ethernet at CES. External speakers and a microphone made for a successful demonstration. The actual product is much tidier.
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Taking commands like HAL 9000

The Ivee Sleek is due out this summer for $199. This picture shows the Sleek screen in listening mode during a demonstration at CES. The ideal distance to speak to Sleek is from about 5 feet away, though it may be able to hear commands from as far away as 15 feet.
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Ivee Sleek talks back

The round design of voice-controlled home automation device Ivee Sleek's "voice" could be a subtle nod to HAL 9000's shape.
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