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Only hours after Australia's first iPhone was sold in Sydney we eagerly unboxed a 16GB model to show you what to expect inside.

If you'd prefer your pictures to be of the moving variety, make sure you check out Australia's first iPhone unboxing video.

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Easy does it
What you can't see is us salivating uncontrollably in the background.

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It's definitely been a long time coming
This is how Indiana Jones must have felt when the Ark of the Covenant was opened — with less deadly poltergeists, of course.

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Sealed for freshness
The iPhone comes wrapped in a protective plastic coating which covers the back and front of the phone, saving you from smearing it with unsightly fingerprints the minute you take it out of the box.

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Elegant simplicity
Part of the appeal of Apple products must be the elegant and simple packaging. Everything is so neatly and tightly packed into this tiny container.

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A lust for power
Even the recharging accessories are cute as a button and unlike the bulky chargers we often find in phone boxes.

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Apple's 16GB iPhone 3G
And there we have it: the phone we've all been waiting for. Now we just need some friends to show it off to.

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