iPhone 4 has arrived. After a frenzy of anticipation and more leaks than a BP pipeline, Apple boss of bosses Steve Jobs officially confirmed the latest iPhone will have an eye-popping screen, noise cancellation, 5-megapixel camera, LED flash, high definition video and video calling. We've rounded up the official pictures for your ocular entertainment.

iPhone 4 also gets a new operating system, iOS 4, complete with multitasking, improved email, and iBooks and iMovie software.

Click continue to see the official pics, showing off the new iPhone 4's glass front and rear and stainless steel frame. It's certainly a thing of beauty, but are you seduced? Tell us your thoughts or in the comments, or join the lively debate at our brand spanking new official Facebook page.

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The iPhone 4's volume keys.
The iPhone 4 in black.
The iPhone 4 headphone jack.
The familiar big button at the bottom of the iPhone 4.
There's a 5-megapixel camera in the iPhone 4, along with new camera software.
The normal iPhone/iPod connector is present and correct on the iPhone 4.
The iPhone volume keys from the side.
The iPhone 4 speaker.
The iPhone 4 in white.
The iPhone 4 supports video calling.
The iPhone 4 is just 9.3 mm thick.
The iPhone 4 has multitasking.


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