The crowds at the Internet Week New York kickoff

Press, sponsors, and other digital types gathered at the Metropolitan Pavilion event space in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea on Monday morning for the official kickoff of Internet Week New York, the city's third annual official digital culture festival.
Photo by: Caroline McCarthy/CNET

Yahoo brings the color to Internet Week

Yahoo served as Internet Week New York's "presenting sponsor" for the first time in 2010, bringing a Valley legitimacy to what had started off as a relatively small start-up confab three years ago.
Photo by: Caroline McCarthy/CNET

Yahoo's giant iPhone setup

Yahoo also developed Internet Week New York's official iPhone app, and had set up giant-size demos for attendees at the Internet Week HQ.
Photo by: Caroline McCarthy/CNET

Yahoo's digital graffiti wall

Oddly enough, Yahoo had also set up a digital graffiti wall at Internet Week New York's headquarters. Bystanders could select colors and pick up a "spray can" that, much like a Nintendo Wii controller, used motion sensors to "paint" the screen. If they liked their finished product, they could e-mail it to themselves or to friends.
Photo by: Caroline McCarthy/CNET

Yahoo jumps into World Cup fever

Yahoo had a related pitch for Internet Week New York: its coverage of the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament that starts later this month in South Africa. A "Kick It" display was surrounded by computer consoles that had Yahoo Sports loaded up for demonstrations.
Photo by: Caroline McCarthy/CNET

AOL sets up shop at Internet Week

But Yahoo wasn't the only big tech company to be making a presence at Internet Week. AOL, which is actually headquartered in New York, had set up a big display for presentations.
Photo by: Caroline McCarthy/CNET

HP's central Internet Week presence

Hewlett-Packard, another Internet Week New York sponsor, had carved out a big space in the center of the Metropolitan Pavilion venue to show off its printing and imaging products.
Photo by: Caroline McCarthy/CNET

HP announces printing from the cloud

HP also used Internet Week as its platform for announcing HP ePrint, a Web-based printing service that "harnesses the cloud" to allow printing to e-mail-enabled printers from just about anywhere.
Photo by: Caroline McCarthy/CNET

Microsoft gets beanbag fever

Beanbags were front and center at the setup for Internet Week sponsor Microsoft. The "lounge" was also equipped with some analog board games.
Photo by: Caroline McCarthy/CNET

Southwest Airlines would like you to be seated

The award for creative presentation-space setup at the Internet Week headquarters would have to go to Southwest Airlines, which put several rows of airplane seats in its "pod" in lieu of chairs. But is there extra legroom?
Photo by: Caroline McCarthy/CNET


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