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Curve-Touch Remote by Touch-You Inc.

LAS VEGAS--This sleek remote designed to fit comfortably in your palm floats over its base with magnetic force.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CNET

iComfort Sleep System by Serta

Beds in this series can include dual controls, massage-vibration, and various lifting controls, along with Serta's own memory foam options.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CNET

Hard Drive Destroyer

This machine punches a series of disk-destroying holes in hard drives you wish to throw away but need to protect from data theft.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CNET

Extraterrestrial Technology

QuantumVETTM Tricorder Plus allows you to use your cell phone to instantly diagnose and medically treat your ailing pet at home. The founder claims he developed it with telepathic help from his alien friend, Dr. Z.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CNET

Gavio's Wren

This sweet little bird-shaped speaker comes with a certificate for custom Swarovski crystal work, if you want to send it in and dress up your Wren.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CNET

Systec's Slam Basic

This is a mouse that has a scanner built in. Grab text from receipts or clippings or JPEGs from photos, and insert them into documents you're working on in Word, Excel, or other programs just by moving the mouse over the document you want to scan from.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CNET

Inada Massage Chair

Understandably a big hit with tired journalists, Inada's booth had a line of people waiting for a chance to try the "World's Best Massage Chair."
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CNET

H2O custom waterproofing

H20's booth featured numerous devices performing underwater after undergoing their protective treatments.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CNET


uChair Technologies splits the keyboard into two parts for your arms to rest comfortably when laying back in its chair, suitable for gaming or other leisure-computing.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CNET

Dinolite Digital Microscope

This new digital microscope camera connects with HDMI cable and has a variable magnification up to 220x.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CNET


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