Instagram girlfriend hand

Keisuke Jinushi literally has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to making his Instagram followers believe he has a hot new girlfriend. By transforming his right hand into a woman's hand and arranging careful poses, he makes it look like his lady love is hanging out with him in cafes and feeding him pastries. He shared his secrets in a series of behind-the-scenes photos.
Photo by: Keisuke Jinushi

Body contortions required

Keisuke Jinushi's hand, dressed up to look like a mysterious girlfriend, dabs some food off his lips while he takes an Instagram photo. The young Japanese photographer isn't afraid to go out in public with his girlfriend hand. He has taken a series of photos with his fake girlfriend in a variety of locations in order to make the hoax seem more real.
Photo by: Keisuke Jinushi

Insta-girlfriend in a cafe

Keisuke Jinushi recently shared his tips for creating a fake girlfriend using Instagram. A series of photos makes it look like a woman is doting on him while documenting the dates. Getting his made-up girlfriend hand into position required quite a few contortions. In this photo, he demonstrates how he got a photo of his "girlfriend" feeding him in a cafe.
Photo by: Keisuke Jinushi

Prepping the hand

Keisuke Jinushi's how-to series of photos for creating a fake girlfriend using Instagram includes a demonstration of how he prepares his hand. In order to make his man-hand look more like a gal-hand, he applied light makeup to it. It also helped smooth out the skin, making it look more realistic. Red nail polish and a ruffly piece of cloth complete the illusion.
Photo by: Keisuke Jinushi

Man-hand and girlfriend hand

Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushi shows off the difference between his regular hand and the one he made up to look like a woman's hand. His trick for appearing to have a girlfriend on Instagram is to take photos with the gal-hand posed in front of the camera. By aiming carefully, it looks like a woman is doting on him.
Photo by: Keisuke Jinushi

Taking Instagram shots

Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushi doesn't think being single should stop guys from having a girlfriend. His girlfriend-on-demand solution is to dress up his hand like a woman's and take artfully posed Instagram photos. Here, he demonstrates how to capture a photo using a smartphone that makes it look like two people are involved. It takes good camera aim to pull off the look.
Photo by: Keisuke Jinushi

Cheek pinching yourself

Keisuke Jinushi's imaginary Instagram girlfriend shows her affection by pinching her boyfriend's cheeks. The Japanese photographer created this image by dressing up his right hand and then posing carefully for the photo. It's a different take on the usual selfie phenomenon.
Photo by: Keisuke Jinushi

Adding variety to backgrounds

This behind-the-scenes photo illustrates how Keisuke Jinushi captures his own hand for Instagram. He takes photos with his smartphone using his left hand while his right hand, dressed up to look like a woman's, engages in various cutesy relationship activities. Here, he shows how his cheek-pinching photo was achieved.
Photo by: Keisuke Jinushi

Instagram girlfriend in public

Having a fake Instagram girlfriend requires a bold spirit. Keisuke Jinushi isn't bothered by stepping out in public to capture his Instagram photos in a variety of locations. The varied backgrounds make the stunt seem more real. Here, he lays down in public to capture a photo of his own hand pinching his cheeks.
Photo by: Keisuke Jinushi

Instagram girlfriend activities

Keisuke Jinushi's fake Instagram girlfriend seems to have a sense of humor on par with that of a teenage boy. This puzzling Instagram photo shows his faux gal pal approaching his cheek with a pen while he pretends to sleep. What is his hand/woman planning to write on him? It's a bit of a mystery, but it just shows how creative you can be with your fake girlfriend/hand scenarios in order to provide some variety in your Instagram stream.
Photo by: Keisuke Jinushi


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