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Welcome to your post-apocalyptic life!

Secret billionaire bunker in the Czech Republic

Oppidum: The cutaway view

The luxurious layout

A spacious post-nuclear haven

Businesses, like cockroaches, will survive

A green reminder of the world you helped destroy

Preserving precious alcohol for future generations

For the budget-minded millionaire prepper

80 people, one kitchen

80 people, five bathrooms

Better hope your 'plus one' doesn't snore

Dining in the vault

The theater

"Who wants to watch Veggie Tales again?"

Scrabble will survive the apocalypse with you

Well stocked for the end

The sad new future of agriculture

Keeping all the poison out is important

Keeping the lights on

The hospital

A post-apocalyptic future for your pet, too!

The blast door

If you're poor, we have bad news for you. When the apocalypse comes, you probably won't make it.

As for the rich? Well, you'll be able to ride out the end of the world in comfort and style -- if you plan ahead.

A handful of companies have converted old Cold War facilities into massive underground doomsday condos. Rich, luxurious and opulent, these living quarters have all the conveniences of modern life, without any of the deadly radiation turning us surface dwellers into human glowsticks.

Interested in surviving the end of days? Here's how you can expect to live out the rest of your post-apocalyptic life. You know, so long as your pre-apocalypse bank account supports it.

Caption by / Photo by Viaframe/Corbis

First up: Meet The Oppidum, the self-described "largest billionaire bunker in the world."

Located in a confidential, secluded location somewhere in the Czech Republic, the Oppidum was a former Cold War military bunker (circa 1984) that's since been repurposed as luxury condos for survivalists burdened with doomsday paranoia and too much disposable income.

The entire facility takes up roughly 323,000 square feet of countryside.

Caption by / Photo by The Oppidum

Once the nuclear bombs start flying, you'll want to be safely barricaded underground. But if the world is simply on the brink of total annihilation, The Oppidum has an above-ground residential area to maximize your standard of living.

You can use the facility's secret corridor to enter and seal yourself inside the underground bunker in less than 60 seconds.

Caption by / Photo by The Oppidum

Shown here is the layout of The Oppidum's first underground level. Note that the facility reserves ample room for recreation, including a screening room, kids' playroom, gym and simulated outdoor spaces.

Caption by / Photo by The Oppidum

Rather than focus on saving the human race from annihilation, The Oppidum instead focuses on spacious, post-apocalyptic luxury for a choice few.

Its largest private living area -- the penthouse apartment, if you will -- measures a whopping 6,780 square feet. Six smaller apartments (1,720 square feet) are also available.

Caption by / Photo by The Oppidum

Just because the world is ending doesn't mean your giant multinational corporation needs to. The Oppidum boasts this "interior bunker office and meeting room" will allow you to continue holding board meetings, even as every single customer you have ever had is being vaporized by a 100 million-degree Fahrenheit fireball.

Caption by / Photo by The Oppidum

The Oppidum's underground pool area is designed to give you a taste of the world that once was. It even features a garden area rich with simulated natural light.

Caption by / Photo by The Oppidum

The Oppidum holds everything necessary to survive for a decade under ground: food, medical supplies, water and air purification systems and generators.

There's even a massive wine cellar for holding 10 years' worth of your favorite vintage.

Caption by / Photo by The Oppidum

Looking for a more affordable way to survive the end of days in luxury? We've got you covered there, too -- The Vivos Group has built its own nuclear-safe bunker in Indiana.

It costs $35,000 to reserve space in Vivos Indiana as an adult; kids can grab a spot for just $25,000.

Vivos does note that in the case of an imminent apocalyptic event, however, the price to reserve space in the vault could jump as high as $1,000,000 ... in gold bullion.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

Now that you're locked inside Vivos Indiana for the next year, you'll be spending a lot of time in close quarters.

This kitchen area, for example, will be shared with the doctors, nutritionists, soldiers, communications specialists and other professionals needed to restart society on the surface.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

The finishes at Vivos Indiana aren't as opulent as those at The Oppidum.

The facilities aren't anywhere near as private, either. Expect to share five bathrooms among your 79 fellow vault dwellers.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

Bedrooms at Vivos Indiana are private, but tight.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

This is the main dining area of Vivos Indiana. Your meals will consist of freeze-dried meats and grains. Fresh-grown vegetables will be supplied by the vault's garden.

Each vault dweller will receive a ration of 2,500 calories per day, along with necessary vitamins.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

Next to the dining area is a large, comfortable theater seating area.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

The Vivos Indiana shelter has televisions, though access to new programming might become very limited in the case of complete nuclear obliteration.

This television will likely wind up playing the same few DVDs on repeat until everyone goes mad ... or turns into ghouls.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

The shared lounge space provides the opportunity to talk, relax, watch prerecorded TV and play board games.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

Those living in the Vivos Indiana vault will be supplied with fresh bedding, linens, toiletries and over-the-counter medical supplies.

It also has survival gear for surface missions, when the surface again becomes habitable. (Just don't get addicted to the Radaway.)

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

Once sealed off from the outside world, the Vivos Indiana bunker needs to be as self-sufficient as possible.

To this end, the facility contains a gardening room with the supplies required to grow edible plants.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

Once the blast door is shut, the facility's NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) air filtration system will kick in to make sure that air inside is safe to breathe. Water, meanwhile, will be drawn from an incredibly deep well shielded from the terrors of the surface.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

Let's face it: If Vivos Indiana ever loses power, everyone inside will be a goner.

Thankfully, the vault was designed with redundant diesel generators and large banks of batteries for power storage. Replacement parts for the generators are also kept on hand.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

"But Fox," you ask, "what happens if I get sick or need an operation while living under the surface?"

Not to worry, my well-financed prepper. Vivos Indiana has "extensive medical equipment" on hand for use by your fellow medically trained vault dwellers.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

Good news for pet parents: Vivos Indiana has its own kennel.

Bad news for fitness enthusiasts with allergy issues: The kennel also doubles as this sad little gym.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos

Shown here is arguably the most important part of the Vivos Indiana shelter: the blast door. It's what keeps you safe from the radiation, chemicals, zombies and other threats sweeping the globe outside.

Caption by / Photo by Vivos
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