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Bright red Italo

Italo windows

Italo logo

Digital display

Inside the driver's cabin

Smart class

Club class seating

On-board outlets

Comfy carriage

Italy's Italo train debuts April 28 and will connect Milan, Rome, and Naples. It's being billed as the most advanced train in Europe. Italo's bright red locomotives and cars are a nod to Ferrari, whose chairman Luca di Montezemoto heads operator Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori.
Caption by / Photo by NTV
Windows on the Italo are 20 percent larger than other high-speed trains in Italy, according to NTV.
Caption by / Photo by NTV
Italo's logo features a stylized hare to convey speed.
Caption by / Photo by NTV
This digital display on the outside of an Italo carriage door shows the train's destination.
Caption by / Photo by NTV
Inside the train driver's cabin. Italo trains can travel up to 186 mph -- not the fastest in the world but still respectable. The record for fastest commercial service depends on several factors, but Shanghai's Maglev Train can run at 268 mph.
Caption by / Photo by NTV
A coach in Italo's Smart class, the most economical.
Caption by / Photo by NTV
Deluxe seating in Italo's Club class.
Caption by / Photo by NTV
Passengers have access to on-board Wi-Fi and electrical outlets.
Caption by / Photo by NTV
A swishy drinks station in an Italo coach. For a closer look inside Italo's carriages, see this page.
Caption by / Photo by NTV
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