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Buddies forever

The new book "The Art of Pixar" is an homage to the hundreds and hundreds of illustrations, drawings, paintings, digital storyboards, and more that helped the filmmakers at the hit studio make their record-breaking and beloved movies.

Throughout the book, readers will find hundreds of colorscripts, as well as dozens of examples of larger concept art.

This is a digital concept by Robert Kondo, featuring Buzz Lightyear and Woody, for "Toy Story 3."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Robert Kondo
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Smiling Nemo

This is Ralph Eggleston's pastel concept image of a smiling Nemo from "Finding Nemo."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Ralph Eggleston
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Leaf Bridge

This stunning acrylic painting of a leaf bridge from "A Bug's Life" was created by Tia Kratter, and laid out by Bill Cone.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Tia Kratter, Bill Cone
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The Incredibles

This is a colorscript from Pixar's "The Incredibles."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lou Romano
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This is a digital concept image for "Ratatouille" by Dominique R. Louis, and laid out by Harley Jessup.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Dominique R. Louis
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Monster's Inc. colorscript

This is a colorscript from "Monsters, Inc."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Dominique R. Louis
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Finding Nemo colorscript

This is a Ralph Eggleston colorscript for "Finding Nemo."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Ralph Eggleston
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Wall-E concept art

This is a digital concept image for Wall-E, created by John Lee.

Updated:Caption:Photo:John Lee
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Up concept

This stunning concept image, done in pastel by Dominique R. Louis for "Up," showcases the film's signature balloon-lofted house making its way through a sunset-blasted cloudscape.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Dominique R. Louis
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Cars 2 colorscript

This is a "Cars 2" colorscript, created by Sharon Calahan.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Sharon Calahan
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