The Enterprise bridge

There have been many tributes and parodies of the original "Star Trek" series over the years, but few have approached the obsessive detail of "Star Trek Continues," a fan series drumming up quatloos with a Kickstarter campaign.

Housed in a 10,000 square-foot warehouse in Georgia, the bridge of the Enterprise has been recreated in exact detail by referencing the production blueprints of the iconic 1960s show.

Photo by: Steve Crandall Sr.

The captain's chair

The focal point of the bridge is of course Captain Kirk's swiveling leather chair, which has been rebuilt with the exact dimensions as the original.
Photo by: Steve Crandall Sr.

Behind the scenes

Here's what the bridge looks like from the outside. The incomplete section makes it easy to get cameras and other equipment in and out.
Photo by: Steve Crandall Sr.


Handling a new phaser, Chris Doohan plays Scotty, the role his father James Doohan made famous.
Photo by: Steve Crandall Sr.


Doctor McCoy (Larry Nemecek) treats Apollo (Michael Forest) as Nurse Temple (Abbey Hazel) looks on in sickbay in "Pilgrim of Eternity," the first episode in "Star Trek Continues."
Photo by: Steve Crandall Sr.

Vital signs

The vital signs monitor in the Enterprise's sickbay would often show the needles plummeting at dramatic moments in "Star Trek."
Photo by: Steve Crandall Sr.


The recreated turbolift on the Enterprise bridge has all the right sound effects.
Photo by: Steve Crandall Sr.

Ship diagram

This panel on the rebuilt Enterprise bridge is an exact copy of the diagram on "Star Trek." It didn't seem to have much of a purpose, but it looked neat.
Photo by: Steve Crandall Sr.


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