Luxury GoPro bag costs almost as much as the camera -- and it's worth it (pictures)

It's a great bag bundled with cases and accessories to store all your gear for a GoPro shoot, but at more than $300 it's not exactly a bargain.

Joshua Goldman
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Incase Kelly Slater Action Pack

The first time I saw the Incase Kelly Slater Action Pack backpack I thought, "This is really nice, but who needs a bag like this for a GoPro camera?"

The answer is, of course, video pros or "prosumers" who need to carry around not just one, but several GoPros as well as an abundant supply of housings, mounts, quick-release buckles, batteries, a pole, a tripod and anything else for getting the right shot no matter the situation, and still have room for a tablet or small laptop to handle viewing and editing out in the field.

Ample storage is just one of the reasons why it's worth its $330 price, though. (That price converts to about £230 or AU$430.)

The bag and accessories is the result of a collaboration with professional surfer Kelly Slater and water photographer Todd Glaser, and while I checked out the complete kit, everything is available separately from Incase.

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Slim profile

It's a long slim pack, so even when it's loaded up with gear, you won't feel weighed down by a bulky bag as you run from location to location. A set of straps on the right side can get snug enough to hold a pole mount like this one from MicroJib.

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Fast access when you need it

The right side has a side access so you can just reach in for your cameras or mounts. A pocket on the inside of the flap is perfect for extra batteries, cables or memory cards. All of the bag's zippers are coated to help keep water and dust out.

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Carry a tripod or a water bottle

Another set of straps are on the left with a pocket at the bottom to hold the legs of a tripod. No tripod? Use it for a water bottle. And if you want to secure something to the front of the bag instead, such as a skateboard, the side straps can connect to each other around front.

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Store your wallet, keys or whatever

Another zipper on the left opens a mesh pocket as well as another see-through pouch with a coated zipper for a little extra protection from the elements.

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Configurable bungee cord

Incase includes a thin bungee cord that can be laced through loops -- five on each side -- to secure things to the bag, like I did here with my rain jacket. The cord doesn't seem particularly durable, though. It's likely that it won't hold up over time, so I wouldn't trust it with anything too heavy or important.

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Plenty of padding

The back panel is well cushioned and has channels for airflow. The straps are wide and padded, too, and there's a sternum strap to keep the pack from sliding around on your back. A grab handle on top is just wide and thick enough to keep it from digging into your hand when the bag is fully loaded.

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GoPro mount

Incase integrated a camera mount into the left strap (when on your back) that works with GoPro's quick-release buckles.

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In the belly of the bag

The back panel unzips to give you full access to the main storage compartment. For such a small, slim bag, there is quite a bit of room for multiple cameras and accessories. The bag's exterior is made from a coated water-resistant 600D poly non-PVC and 1680D ballistic nylon and has small feet on front at the top and bottom to raise it a bit off the ground when you go to open up the back.

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Tablet storage

The pouch on the opening is big enough for an iPad or MacBook Air and a zippered mesh pouch gives you a place to stash cables and a power adapter.

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Flexible storage space

The Pro Pack bundle includes a case for a single camera and a net for two more, two accessory organizers and a silicone camera cover.

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H2O Mono Kit

As the name implies, this water-resistant case has room for just one GoPro camera. The lid has a pouch big enough to hold backs for the camera housing.

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Accessory organizers

There are two different styles of organizers. One is weather-sealed and has an interior frame made of Tensaerlite, a foam material developed by Incase that adds a floating, shock-absorbing layer to the case. The other is a simple zippered case with a clear polyurethane window so you can see what's inside without opening. Both come with removable nameplates.

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Tensaerlite nest

This protective foam nest made from Incase's Tensaerlite material gives you a quick and easy way to store your cameras.

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Silicone cover

If you're worried about scratching your camera's lens or protecting it from rain and dust in between shoots when mounted out of its housing, this silicone cover does the trick. You could do the same with a simple plastic bag, but this is more durable and, you know, looks cooler.

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Rain cover

The bag is designed to be used in wet environments, but isn't waterproof. Should you get caught in the rain, there's a cover stowed in a pocket in the bag's bottom.

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Digital SLR storage

The top of the bag has a compartment big enough to hold a dSLR or other camera or anything else that won't fit in the rest of the bag. The bottom is just a Velcro-attached separator, though, so if you need one large compartment, you can take it on out. There are three separators included with the bag to break up the storage however you'd like.

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A great bag with or without the branding

The Kelly Slater Action Pack is well-constructed with a lot of storage space given its size. It's generally excellent assuming you have the need for a dedicated bag to travel with your GoPro cameras and gear. The $330 for this pack covers all the accessories and the stylish design and Kelly Slater branding. If you like the bag, but want to save some coin, Incase makes a black version that comes with one accessory organizer for $200. Then you can kit it out however you want, including with Incase's dSLR insert, so you can use it as a bag for GoPros or other action cams or a regular camera.

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