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iMusic BodyRhythm creator displays his massage vest

Once a concert pianist, Uwe Diegel now designs medical devices, including this creative massage vest that uses your own MP3 collection to massage your muscles to musical beats.

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Zip it up and pump up the jams

iMusic BodyRhythm creator Uwe Diegel zips a French journalist up into the massage vest at CES 2013. The vest is currently up as a Kickstarter project.

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Massage vest controls

The iMusic BodyRhythm massage vest features volume-style buttons. Rather than making the music louder, they raise or lower the intensity of the massage. You can pump it up for AC/DC or down for Kenny G.

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Back massage to the beat

The back of the iMusic BodyRhythm vest is where most of the action happens. The vest's app also lets you play games or trigger the massage by shaking the phone.

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Massage vest is comfy, though not very fashionable

CNET Crave blogger Amanda Kooser tries out the iMusic BodyRhythm vest at CES 2013. It's surprisingly lightweight. A wireless version is in the works.

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