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For iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners with hypertension concerns, their next dock could also be a "doc." The iHealth Blood Pressure Dock comes with a self-inflating cuff and an iOS app.
Caption by / Photo by iHealth Lab
The dock fits Apple's minimalist aesthetic and holds an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch on its stand by way of the 30-pin connector.
Caption by / Photo by iHealth Lab
The Mini-USB port isn't the most up-to-date. We'd be more than happy with a USB port that let us use our iOS devices' chargers if we lost the included cable.
Caption by / Photo by iHealth Lab
The hose leading to the blood pressure band fits snugly into this port.
Caption by / Photo by iHealth Lab
The cuff was easy to put on and fairly comfortable to wear, but we found it rather tall. It's technically one-size-fits-all, but it can easily span most of the height of an upper arm.
Caption by / Photo by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET
The large Start button on the corresponding iHealth app makes next steps clear.
Caption by / Photo by iHealth Lab
It takes a few seconds for the cuff to inflate and take a reading. The app reminds you to relax. Nervousness can increase your blood pressure, which is one reason that monitoring yourself in the comfort of your home can be useful.
Caption by / Photo by iHealth Lab
After taking your blood pressure, the app reads out your stats: date, time, systolic and diastolic readings, and your pulse.
Caption by / Photo by iHealth Lab
The app can track and help interpret your numbers over time. iHealth will calculate your average, show where you stand with World Health Organization figures, and e-mail time-stamped results.
Caption by / Photo by iHealth Lab
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