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The tech oddities of Berlin

This year at IFA 2015, plenty of smartphones, tablets, home appliances and smart-home devices hit the show floor. While some of these devices look useful, others...may not be so obvious. Check out some of these wacky and weird -- but still compelling -- gadgets we saw.

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Haier Smart Window Refrigerator

Now you see it, now you don't. The Smart Window Refrigerator lets you see your food without having to open your fridge's door. Now that's figuratively and literally cool.

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Philips VisaPure Advanced

Though facial brushes and buffers aren't anything new, the VisaPure Advanced has an NFC chip inside. It stores information about you from a prior skin consultation you would have received before buying the buffer.

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LG Styler Steam Clothing Care

Though it was announced in September, the LG's steamer closet made its way to IFA this year. Perfect for the top 1 percent who have the room to install a futuristic closet but no time to iron their clothes.

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Lenovo Phab and Phab Plus

For Lenovo, bigger is apparently better. Its budget Phab ($180) and Phab Plus ($300) phones sport 6.8- and 6.98-inch displays respectively. Though they'll most likely be too big for many people, they are stylish and competitively priced. They launch globally in September.

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Bosch NoFrost Refrigerators

The NoFrost Refrigerators attempt to solve the age-old problem of being at the market but not knowing exactly what food you have (or need) at home. With built-in cameras in this fridge, you can check your food from afar, but the knowledge of your inventory really depends on how much these cameras can see inside.

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Asus ROG Swift PG348Q

Monitors are usually functional looking things at best, but monitors that look like they were designed by Guy Fieri might not be the most appropriate aesthetic for your workplace. But such is the ROG Swift PG348Q by Asus, a 34-inch monitor with bright orange accents and an industrial design.


ProCombi Plus Smart Oven

There's keeping an eye on your food and really keeping an eye on it. With the Plus Smart Oven, you can watch a live-stream (or do a quick check) of your cooking because it's equipped with an internal camera. You can watch the feed on your iOS or Android device or, you know, just be in the kitchen.

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Philips Lumify

If your pregnant friend wasn't insufferable enough, now she can conduct and show you real-time ultrasounds with Philips' portable ultrasound concept gadget Lumify.

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