Moscone gets wrapped

SAN FRANCISCO--As it does every year, Apple started setting up for its Worldwide Developers Conference days in advance of its kickoff, offering a glimpse at what will greet attendees next week.

Here's a shot taken Thursday of the outside of the Moscone Center in San Francisco with the usual giant Apple logos.

Photo by: Josh Miller

Workers finish up the wrap

Workers put the finishing touches on the "WWDC 2011" that sits below the Apple logo.

Photo by: Josh Miller

Lion + iOS 5 + iCloud = WWDC2011

If you're hoping Apple's unveiling anything else besides Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud, Apple's banners would suggest otherwise. This banner is the first time the logo for iCloud has been made public.

Photo by: Josh Miller

High hanging banners

Banners featuring Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud are set up to be hung above the registration area, where WWDC attendees will queue up on Monday morning.

Photo by: Josh Miller

iOS 5's logo

Apple's iOS 5 logo doesn't look a whole lot different from the one for iOS 4, sporting similar water droplets.

Photo by: Josh Miller

Finishing touches

The "WWDC2010" is tidying up on Moscone North's Southern edge.

Photo by: Josh Miller

Apple logo above the trees

A large Apple logo adorns the Eastern face of Moscone North.

Photo by: Josh Miller


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