HTC Touch2

The HTC Touch2 is one of the first smartphones announced to run Windows Mobile 6.5. It will ship in select markets on October 6 but pricing was not revealed at this time.
Photo by: HTC

Windows Mobile 6.5

The HTC Touch2 will include the new features of Windows Mobile 6.5, such as a revamped Internet Explorer Mobile with Flash support, Windows Marketplace for Mobile, and Microsoft's My Phone backup service.
Photo by: HTC

TouchFlo 3D interface

As part of the HTC Touch series, the smartphone uses the company's TouchFlo 3D interface, which provides easy access to your apps through a tabbed menu.
Photo by: HTC

Zoom bar

Like the HTC Touch Pro2 and Diamond2, the Touch2 is equipped with a touch-sensitive zoom bar that lets you easily zoom in and out of pages.
Photo by: HTC

The Touch2's camera

The smartphone has a 3.2-megapixel camera and comes with 512MB ROM/256MB RAM and a microSD expansion slot that can accept up to 16GB cards.
Photo by: HTC


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