HTC is feeling a little fruity with its two new handsets -- the monstrous HTC Titan and the more pocket-friendly HTC Radar, both of which are running Windows Phone Mango.

Make no mistake about it, the Titan is a giant. It's packing a 4.7-inch Super LCD screen that we're pretty sure should qualify it as a tablet rather than a phone -- we're not too sure where the line is drawn there.

Beneath that massive screen is a meaty 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor, which is the same as the one found in HTC's Flyer tablet. Navigation felt very snappy in our hands-on test and we expect it to deal with power-hungry apps with aplomb.

The screen itself is very bright and clear with a good viewing angle, so it's great if you have a couple of mates crowding round to watch a video with you. It's certainly good enough to display the photos taken by the Titan's 8-megapixel camera in great clarity.

Thankfully, that massive screen size hasn't made this phone uncomfortably big. At 9.9mm thick, it's slim enough to slide into even the skinniest of jeans.

The HTC Radar is a more reserved affair sporting only a 3.8-inch screen. We were still impressed by its clarity though, with icons and text smartly displayed.

A 1GHz processor provides the juice for the Radar -- it isn't as meaty as other smart phones, but seemed to do the job adequately in our hands-on.

Both these phones are running Windows Phone Mango, which is still definitely a rank outsider compared to Apple's iOS and the ever-growing Android, but with more and more phones taking on Microsoft's OS, it may not be too long before the balance is evened out.

Make sure to check out our full previews of both phones and click through the gallery of official pictures above.

If you thought the Titan looks huge, you'd be absolutely right.
HTC's classic two-tone back is still in play.
Yep, that's Windows Phone Mango running there. But do you have the pockets big enough?
The HTC Radar is a much more hand-friendly size.
Here's the Radar in metal grey. Lovely!
And here it is in 'active white'. What's 'active' about it, we wonder?
More two-tone stylings. It just wouldn't be HTC without it!
If you don't like the grey, simply paint over it with pink nail varnish. Or get a sexy case!
Here's the radar displaying Mango like a badge of honour. We did that once, just before blending the mango into a smoothie.
The grey model looks just as proud to have Mango. Good for you, Radar!


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