I've seen you before, right?

We've waited so long for a webOS device; the TouchPad had better live up to all of our dreams, and then some. Here are our first moments with HP's iPad slayer (maybe).

Spiffy, minimalist packaging; it almost reminds us of another popular tablet. Accompanying the tablet in the mail was the Touchstone charging dock. We've since received the optional wireless keyboard.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET

Some pointers

The temporary screen protector has markings on it, showing us where the power switch is and that the Home button is used to access webOS' card deck.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET

What's in the box?

A wall charger and a micro-USB cable.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET

Why, hello there!

Charging? That's for pansies. And people who bother reading instructions. Pah.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET

Black as night

We've said it once and we'll keep on saying it: piano-black is lovely to look at, but a real pain in the gluteus maximus to keep clean. We've only just unboxed it and it's already full of fingerprints.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET

Você fala Português?

The TouchPad will speak any language you want, so long as it's German, English, Spanish or French.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET

Undefined, apparently

If only the Ts and Cs on all apps and devices were this easy to read.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET

All locked up

It's a lock screen, let's move along then.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET

Home screen

In its default state, it's pleasingly Spartan.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET


Web pages render rather nicely, thank you very much.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET

Trolling for something

In our defence, this is the most flattering photo of Ty that we could find. To distract you from the beauty of it all, we'll mention that the TouchPad comes fitted with a 9.7-inch 1024x768 touchscreen.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET

Same same but different

Dear lawyers, it's not an App Store, it's an App Catalog! Still not happy? Well, there's always Angry Birds to distract you as the lawyers rabbit on.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET

Simplicity itself

Flick between open apps.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET


Not only does the Touchstone stand cradle your TouchPad for you, but it can also charge it. HP, on its website, states rather optimistically that you "can even use multiple Touchstone docks around your house or office to do different things". Thanks, but we'll stick with just one.

Photo by: Joseph Hanlon/CNET


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